Web accessibility
for your company

Increase customer numbers, enhance corporate responsibility, lower costs, improve corporate image...
an accessible website is not only a must, but also offers your business great advantages.

Increase potential customers

Not only customers with disabilities, but those who are connecting via mobile phones, the elderly, people who do not speak the language etc.

Better search engine positioning (SEO)

The sorting algorithms "read" websites’ pages as a blind person would do. Any content not available to them will not be read by search engines and will therefore penalize the positioning of the page.

Anticipate new laws

The European Union is gradually tightening policies on web accessibility. When emerging new laws force all sites to adapt to the rules, prices will rise dramatically. Anticipating these laws represents a significant financial saving.

Increase customer satisfaction

A well designed web page is easy to navigate and use. On a user-friendly page there are greater possibilities that the client will find what they are looking for.

Corporate Responsibility

Improving our society is an obligation for all its members. Work in this direction leads to a substantial improvement in brand image

Cost reduction

Accessible web pages are easier to maintain and upgrade and so reduce associated costs.

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