10 desembre 2019

TOTHOMweb at the Conference “DESIGN FOR EVERYONE. Sensory inclusion is a reality

TOTHOMweb will participate as speakers in the second Conference “DESIGN FOR EVERYONE“. Sensory inclusion is a reality ", organized by the Official College of Graphic Design of Catalonia, on December 19, at 4 pm, at the MUHBA, Barcelona History Museum.

The College, in its role of ensuring the transfer of good design practices to society, promotes inclusive design in various initiatives, such as this one.

A day to discover how, with the help of the discipline of visual communication, graphic design, we face and collaborate with the various sensory abilities with which the people who make up our society access information. Design is the key piece that allows and brings together how to compensate for or minimize the impact of age-related sensory impairments. How to establish alternatives to visual impairments. How to generate messages and codes understandable and differentiable by people with different sensory and mental abilities.

The challenge is to check and guide how design can and, above all, should unite society by considering all the existing functional diversities.

Exposing these realities will show everyone the commitment and ethical responsibility of the projection from the graphic design, the discipline of visual communication, and the real possibility that these approaches show approaches that allow to expand qualitatively and quantitatively the group of recipients. of our approaches and projects.

In the presentation we will share our experience in the accessibility of any page or web service to make it clear that it promotes equal opportunities for all, and the need to create accessible from a universal design from the beginning.

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